Monday, October 12, 2009

White House cole slaw

I've had a request for Authentic White House Cole Slaw, the White House in question having been a restaurant on Selkirk Avenue. My mother thanks Maxine Geller for the recipe.

I have no idea who Mrs. Geller is but I'll thank her too.

2 tbsp sugar

1/2 TSP sugar

2/3 cup Heinz vinegar

1/3 cup oil

4 cloves crushed garlic ... may use much more

Pour over grated cabbage and carrots and diced green onions and let sit all day or longer.

No, What We Ate at 4 Teakwood does not tell one how much cabbage or carrots. As we have previously discussed, my mother's recipe book is a guideline. You want precise, pick up The Joy of Cooking.

I've never been much on cabbage. My Thanksgiving cabbage rolls (made with soy meat, white rice and sauteed onions) were pretty good if you overlooked the fact that they were giant misshapen "rolls".

At the last minute I thought I'd cook Brussels sprouts yesterday even though they remind me of George Bush. And even thought you just have to say "Brussels sprouts" and people squinch up their noses.

I took a bunch of Brussels sprouts, sliced them thinly and sauteed them with olive oil and white wine. They came off the stove in 5 or so minutes. I kept them covered in foil until dinner was served. I don't think there were any converts but I liked them well enough.

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