Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cabbage rolls -- Sheesh!

I just made cabbage rolls for the first time. I've burned the fingerprint off my right thumb. The "rolls" are gigantic. Some of them are square. This is not my finest hour.

And who has tomato soup in their pantry? I used crushed tomatoes. I think that will be the least of my problems.

When mom shows up for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night she's going to have some 'splaining to do.

Should I be worried that the turkey looks more like a hefty chicken? And that I'm having 11 people for dinner?


  1. I vividly remember the first time I attempted holopchi on my own ... I was in Calgary, all the wonderful women whose holopchi I'd eaten over the years were here in Manitoba, and I was hosting my first Christmas dinner. It took all day, and late into the night, numerous heads of cabbage, lots of tears & frustration to get those pitiful monster holochi into the roaster, but I perservered and got them done, and they tasted great ! Fast forward 30 years or so, and now my sister and I get together a few days before Christmas and make them together, with the carols blaring on the stereo and the wine flowing freely ... a great way to go. (BTW, in our family recipe, it has to be ALYMER'S tomato soup, not Campbells) Happy Thanksgiving !

  2. Thanks, Terri. I almost forgot to put mine on the table. Isn't that always the way? One year the stuffing sat in the oven all night.

    They were OK, once you got beyond the fact that they were the size of a small woman's forearm.

    My mother arrived with a pan of cinnamon buns. Now that's home cooking.